Sustainability Certification

Sustainability Certification

Do you want to demonstrate the sustainability or your contribution to health and well-being of building occupants, developmental area and/or design? Cause if you are, you came to the right place. Adamasgroup guides clients in obtaining various recognized third-party certification schemes. There is a multidisciplinary team of experts who have gone through similar processes several times. You can surely rely on them!

High performance buildings

There is an increasing demand for High Performance Buildings from funders, investors and building occupants. The term ‘High Performance Buildings’ describes a building that integrates and improves on all key performance indicators of the Lifecycle Assessment. These are buildings that are primarily designed to improve user experience. The certifications for which Adamasgroup offers guidance have a demonstrable added value for the development of an area or building. In this way, we help to develop High Performance Buildings. This goes far beyond energy savings. Themes such as usability, health and the various factors of environmental performance can all be included. The result is, among other things, a higher productivity of your employees, higher market value and retention – instead of an accelerated depreciation of your building. Among others, through the usage of circular materials. The ambition set in advance is a decision to be made. How far are you prepared to go for quality, future-proofing and a higher value of your property?

Various (local) governments support such (social) investments in the form of subsidies. These are challenging processes, and we will be pleased to advise you, so that a High Performance Building becomes even more attractive. Interested in these opportunities? Take a look at Grant Guidance.

A range of possibilities

Each building or area is developed with a specific purpose. In parallel, the goals of a certification can vary greatly and sometimes contradict each other. Therefore, the experts of Adamasgroup guide you in obtaining the various possible certificates. These quality marks all stand for a sustainable and/or healthy buildings, but with a specific focus on a certain theme and the phase in which the development is situated: new construction, renovation or on an existing building.

Adamasgroup has a team of qualified and internationally recognized experts as professionals, auditors and assessors for the internationally recognized third-party certification schemes. They are happy to assist you in achieving your ambitions.

We can guide you with the following certification schemes:

  • BREEAM-NL Expert New construction, Refurbishment & Fit-out
  • BREEAM-NL Assessor New construction, Refurbishment & Fit-out
  • BREEAM-NL In-Use
  • BREEAM-DE New Construction
  • BREEAM-DE In-Use
  • BREEAM-INT New Construction
  • BREEAM-INT Communities
  • DNGB-INT New Construction
  • DNGB-INT Districts
  • GPR
  • LEED
  • WELL Communities
  • WELL Health-Safety Rating
  • WELL v1
  • WELL v2

Additional services

In addition to guiding third-party certification processes, we also offer individual reports and calculations that can help you make more informed choices in a design process. We are happy to give you an overview of the possibilities:

  • Project programmes
  • Commissioning
  • Transport and mobility plans
  • Various feasibility studies
  • Environmental performance of building calculations
  • Disassembly indexing
  • Maintenance reports
  • Daylight calculations
  • Consultation and environmental studies
  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Building manuals
  • Energy Performance Index calculations
  • Temperature dynamic simulations with VABI Elements
  • Thermal comfort assessments
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Energy labelling


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Looking for a proactive project or process manager with experience and expertise in a domain that matters to you? Adamasgroup establishes clear qualitative frameworks with you in advance to proactively manage and successfully completes your project. By doing so, Adamasgroup takes care of all your concerns, while maintaining the desired quality.
Adamasgroup has developed into a specialist in the area of sustainable and future-proof building electrical and mechanical installations. Together we form a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals in order to get the best out of your installations. In this way, you will meet all your requirements in terms of quality, capacity and (future) legislation. This ensures a perfectly functioning building installation.

Want to build a healthy, sustainable and circular future together?