Commissioning is simply ensuring the quality and performance of user installations. During commissioning, we check whether the installation meets the requirements that the client had in the design phase. The checks are usually not limited to the moment of delivery, but are carried out during the entire realization process and until after the installations have been commissioned. We guide and unburden our clients throughout the entire process.

We focus on, among other things, HVAC installations, refrigeration installations, lighting installations for indoors and outdoors, sanitary installations and measuring and control installations. Adamasgroup takes an independent position towards the implementing installation parties. We have an eye for detail, but do not lose sight of the whole. We check the performance of the user installations in terms of comfort, sustainability and energy savings. These installations often have a direct influence on the well-being and comfort of the users of a building and the operating costs such as maintenance, service and energy costs.

What can we do for you?

Adamasgroup ensures that your requirements and wishes remain central throughout the entire process. We give you advice in the field of installations, so that you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages associated with a particular choice. Our commissioning manager asks critical questions and ensures that your comfort is not compromised during construction. In addition, he looks at the lifespan of the installation, but also whether the operating costs, such as maintenance, service and energy consumption, are not much higher than initially thought.

The commissioning manager also manages the installation parties involved before, during and after the implementation of your project. This way you can be sure that you get the maximum quality performance from the design of your installations. The quality of the installation work is guaranteed, tested and recorded in accordance with all applicable standards. When you receive the installations, you will receive instructions and you will receive all documentation in an understandable format for use.

The main advantages of commissioning

  • Reduction of construction time and costs of failure
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • Prepared for future laws and regulations
  • Plug-and-play buildings
  • Significant reduction of occupant complaints
  • Minimal residual points upon delivery
  • Optimization of building-related installations


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Adamasgroup guides you in obtaining a recognized sustainability certification on internationally recognized certification schemes: WELL Building Standard, LEED, BREEAM, GPR and/or DNGB. Besides the complete coordination of such a certification for a building or area, Adamasgroup can also provide individual reports and calculations that can help you make more informed choices in a design process. Think of daylight calculations, energy performance calculations and various feasibility studies.
Looking for a proactive project or process manager with experience and expertise in a domain that matters to you? Adamasgroup establishes clear qualitative frameworks with you in advance to proactively manage and successfully completes your project. By doing so, Adamasgroup takes care of all your concerns, while maintaining the desired quality.
Adamasgroup has developed into a specialist in the area of sustainable and future-proof building electrical and mechanical installations. Together we form a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals in order to get the best out of your installations. In this way, you will meet all your requirements in terms of quality, capacity and (future) legislation. This ensures a perfectly functioning building installation.

Want to build a healthy, sustainable and circular future together?