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Our organization is a knowledge hub for healthy, sustainable and circular buildings. With clear (technical) advice, sharp analyses and effective support, we focus on future-oriented choices in the construction sector. Adamasgroup guides in development and green building. We do this with scientifically sound methods, but also based on gut feeling, great passion and commitment. We supervise your construction project from the design phase up to and including commissioning. Furthermore, we also like to share knowledge in training courses, workshops and lectures. Together, we are stronger than alone.

In addition, Adamasgroup is an auditor for various quality assurances, including commissioning of building installations and the architectural shell. We are also auditor and assessor for various third-party certification schemes, such as the WELL Building Standard, LEED and BREEAM. We do this consciously with internationally recognized schemes, in a way that the quality is demonstrable and added value is created for your real estate. The pursuit of these third-party certification schemes may also offer tax benefits in the form of subsidies. See Grant Guidance for more information.

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Adamasgroup guides you in obtaining a recognized sustainability certification on internationally recognized certification schemes: WELL Building Standard, LEED, BREEAM, GPR and/or DNGB. Besides the complete coordination of such a certification for a building or area, Adamasgroup can also provide individual reports and calculations that can help you make more informed choices in a design process. Think of daylight calculations, energy performance calculations and various feasibility studies.
Commissioning ensures the quality and performance of your building installations and structural shell. This takes place from the design phase up to and including commissioning and management. Every decision can have far-reaching consequences. Adamasgroup can help you reach the desired quality and makes the attained performance quantifiable. Additionally, our guidance regularly results in a reduction of construction time as well as lower maintenance and exploitation costs.
Looking for a proactive project or process manager with experience and expertise in a domain that matters to you? Adamasgroup establishes clear qualitative frameworks with you in advance to proactively manage and successfully completes your project. By doing so, Adamasgroup takes care of all your concerns, while maintaining the desired quality.
Adamasgroup has developed into a specialist in the area of sustainable and future-proof building electrical and mechanical installations. Together we form a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals in order to get the best out of your installations. In this way, you will meet all your requirements in terms of quality, capacity and (future) legislation. This ensures a perfectly functioning building installation.
For several years, sustainable development has been stimulated by the national or local government by means of different fiscal incentives. Your sustainable investment can be improved with a number of subsidies. If carried out intelligently, it may just be that additional costs are minimized by means of a financial stimulation. This creates an increase in value of your construction or renovated property at minimum cost. The business case is made clear and transparent.

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