BREEAM – NL has been the certification method for a sustainably built environment since 2009. With this method, projects can be assessed on integral sustainability. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is used in more than 80 countries worldwide and is a global standard for sustainable building. The method was developed in England by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The Dutch Green Building Council (Dutch Green Building Council) has made the method suitable for the Netherlands and translated it into BREEAM – EN. Adamasgroup is one of the founding partners of the DGBC and has been actively involved in developing this standard for the Netherlands since 2007.

Sustainable building with the BREEAM Certificate

A BREEAM Certificate provides independently verified insight into the actual sustainability performance of a building. Not only in the field of energy, but in the full breadth such as ecology, waste, management and material properties. Because the BREEAM certificate is internationally recognized and is widely used to measure the performance of buildings, the BREEAM Certificate is valued by the market.

Subsidy for sustainable building

With a sustainable building you not only save on your operational costs. Sustainable projects are popular with investors because you can demonstrably comply with future laws and regulations. This gives the property a higher value and generates higher rental income. This added value can be as much as 20%. A building with a BREEAM-NL certificate also offers subsidy opportunities; there are various subsidy schemes that you can claim. The Adamas group provides advice in the field of the MIA, the EIA, the SDE+.


A building with a BREEAM-NL certificate is healthier for building users. This means that more attention is paid to thermal comfort, ventilation and views, but also demonstrably cleaner air, better light quality and the prevention of an excessive concentration of volatile organic compounds in the building. A healthy working environment is better for the well-being and increases the productivity of the building users.


Future proof

With BREEAM – NL you prepare your project for the future. The bar of BREEAM-NL is higher than the legal requirements. This way your building is better prepared for increased legal requirements. BREEAM-NL also gives you the opportunity to provide the correct answers to taxonomy issues more quickly. Adamasgroup is also happy to advise you on this.

Adamasgroup: experienced partner for BREEAM - NL

Adamasgroup is very experienced with BREEAM certification in the Netherlands and Europe. Together with the client and the end user, we focus on those aspects that provide added value for people and the environment.

Adamasgroup has various licenses to supervise and assess projects in-house:

• New Construction and Renovation, with BRL 2014 and BRL 2020

• In-Use for existing buildings with BRL V6

• Area for large-scale area developments with BRL2018

We also have the licenses for all BREEAM International certifications and can therefore assist you in most countries.

Efficient and effective

Adamasgroup also provides most of the calculations for BREAAM, such as the MPG, LCA and BENG calculations, and prepares reports for this. We also provide Comfort calculations and measurements and we have developed various tools to simplify certification for the various stakeholders. This allows us to minimize the number of links in the total certification process for our customers. This also means that any necessary adjustments or supporting documents can be implemented and delivered quickly. This allows us to optimally assist our customers in obtaining a BREEAM – EN label

BREEAM-NL Expert and Assossor

Two functions are crucial for a BREEAM-NL certification: the BREEAM-NL Expert and the BREEAM-NL Assessor. Our team of consultants consists of both experts and assessors, who have extensive experience in certifying sustainable real estate developments with BREEAM-NL and BREEAM International.

As a BREEAM-NL Expert, we provide advice on certification with BREEAM-NL and how sustainability aspects can contribute to a better functioning building. In addition, our expert guides a project team in completing the certification process. The BREEAM-NL Expert ensures that the evidence on the sustainability performance of a project is presented and takes care of the communication with the assessor and the DGBC.

As a BREEAM-NL Assessor, we are authorized to carry out the formal assessment of the project and issue the final BREEAM-NL certificate. The DGBC is the licensee of the BREEAM-NL and checks whether the assessor has done the work according to the correct procedures.

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